Date: 6-9-2020 16:08:06

While the summer temperatures tempt one or another to cool down on the lake or the home garden, some yearn for the cooler winter days or the first snowflakes – so the perfect time to already think about promotional products for the Christmas season. Especially in this special year, it is once again important to say “thank you” to the customer or to reward long-standing loyalty – the best way to do this is creatively, sustainably and without straining the advertising budget. The products in the current Christmas flyer 2020 of the emotion factory – the non-food advertising specialist from Fischbach in the Black Forest – show how this can work.
In addition to new and ecological and partly handmade products, such as the Christmas bath tab or the soap with winter scent – suitable for the current topic “hand washing” – the team around Head of Sales Adrian Rigoni has this year thought about what is attractive for narrow budgets: “In this flyer, we have newly introduced the category “standard products. These are immediately available from stock from a small quantity of 50 pieces and yet individually and lovingly designed. In doing so, we want to make it possible for even smaller companies to send a high-quality Christmas greeting without having to accept huge quantities.”.
A number of new products provide for Christmas spirit
In the categories of baking, mailing instead of trade fairs and events, ecological products, gifts and “available from stock”, there are lots of well thought-out and sustainable new advertising messengers waiting to spread little Christmas joys: the plant keg brings do-it-your-self-green into the office, the Corona virus plug-in figure with a face mask sensitizes for the omnipresent topic, the high-quality wooden stamps Woodies captivate with Christmas motifs, so-called art stamps, which enable the customer to give every Christmas greeting that certain something and the baking-tins in slide boxes find their way into the customer's Christmas bakery and thus ensure a long-lasting advertising benefit. All products offer space for an advertising message directly on the product itself, on the trailer or on a card that can be individually designed.
Other winter advertisers from the emotion factory and also the classics like Lenchen’s socks or the seed bag spruce can be found in the flyer “Christmas Joy 2020”, which can be ordered now at www. emotion-factory. de.