Date: 12-7-2018 14:38:19

With four omnidirectional 30 Watt speakers, this AudioCube fills the entire room with a wide and even sound.

The AudioCube Portable bluetooth speaker is easy to operate wirelessly with a bluetooth connection. This allows you to operate the loudspeaker wirelessly without having to download an App, for example. Easy to connect with your phone, tablet or other bluetooth devices.
The AudioCube Portable can be used with the supplied standard 3.5mm jack cable. You can easily plug in your media device on the AudioCube Portable.

There are buttons on the AudioCube itself, making it easy and direct to operate. When the speaker is turned on, the sound of a starting engine sounds and if it is turned off the sound of a car alarm is turned off.

The dimensions of this stylish cube are 11 * 11 * 11cm.

This speaker has a built-in adapter and 4800 mAh Li-ion battery. When fully charged you can enjoy music for up to 12 hours. This is longer than with most wireless speakers or other portable audio products.

The omnidirectional speakers produce a much wider and more even sound throughout the listening area. When the subwoofer is focused on a surface, it creates a strong bass. Furthermore, this subwoofer is amplified by a vibration plate with LED indicator which also serves as an on / off button.

The included 1m. IEC cable allows the AudioCube Portable to be charged easily. The AudioCube can be used worldwide in combination with the local IEC cables. This allows you to use the AudioCube abroad. So enjoy your favorite music anytime, anywhere.