Date: 11.09.2022 21:14:13

The presents are nicely wrapped underneath the
Christmas tree. There is something for everyone. But how did Father Christmas
or the Christ Child think of whom? To ensure that the gifts find their
recipient, Christmas gift tags are a much-used option. The emotion factory from
Fischbach uses this must-have for every Christmas celebration for a new and
practical promotional product on the occasion of the Advent season. Thanks to
their flat shape and light weight, the tags are ideal as a give-away or
self-mailer product and can also be sent to customers with a clear conscience
in a sustainable DIN long envelope made of seed paper from the emotion factory.
Five round gift tags in the shape of a snowy Christmas
tree ball are delivered in a small transparent bag. There is space for a
heartfelt Christmas message on the directly visible, inserted promotional card.
Alternatively, the gift tags are a pretty decoration on the Christmas tree or
window. On individual request, the gift tags can also be printed with a logo.