Date: 3-2-2021 20:14:02

Not only spouting words and making speeches, take action! Apart from digitalisation, COVID-19 and foreign policy, hardly any other topic has become as relevant to the population as environmental protection, climate change, sustainability, species protection and diversity or the preservation of natural habitats. The question that is being asked is what the politicians or potential parties of choice think about this and, contrary to past years, young people are also becoming more politically active in the environmental field again. Therefore, in the local, state and federal elections, as well as many other such events in 2021, few areas will be as crucial to potential voters as how their party positions itself on them.
So why not attract voters by the green idea and appeal to them? The products with seeds of all kinds from the emotion factory in the Black Forest are particularly suitable for this. Products such as the Bee-aid Stick, which contains bee-friendly seeds on a wooden stick, the seed papers in the shape of flowers or butterflies, or the Plant Tap – all products deal with the sustainable idea in terms of content and enable to remember the delegates and politicians in a thematically appropriate way. In common with the classic seed-packets and -bags, all products have in common that they are ideally suited as a mailing product or give-away due to their flat packaging.
The best thing about emotion factoy's seed products, however, is that you can say with a clear conscience that the green idea is written largely at emotion factory, from production to content, individually printable packaging to shipping – and this is then also reflected in the electoral and party advertising as “environmentally conscious”.