Date: 23-10-2021 11:02:00

According to official targets, Germany is to become climate-neutral by 2045. By 2030, a CO2 emission reduction of 65 percent is planned as one measure. Both targets are currently on the back burner. Targets in 10 to 25 years – that still seems a long way off. But the opposite is the case. A response is already needed today, and companies in particular have a major role to play in ensuring that the communicated aspirations can be successfully implemented.
The guiding principle that green products must also be truly ecological has always been integrated into the corporate philosophy of Heri- Rigoni GmbH, a leading non-food advertising material and traditional stamp manufacturer from Niedereschach in the Black Forest, and in recent years it has almost completely converted its production and product ideas to environmentally conscious advertising materials. “The sum of the measures taken is paying off and offers our customers the chance to place their sustainability activities on another solid pillar through our products,” says Managing Director Armin Rigoni, summing up the efforts of recent years.

90% of the packaging material is recycled.
As early as 2007, the first photovoltaic systems were installed on the roofs of the company’s own production buildings in southern Germany, and to date the company has even been able to switch completely to climate-neutral electricity. Packaging and shipping are carried out according to largely ecological aspects. For example, the company reuses packaging materials, uses recycled materials and also reports a high percentage of regenerate use in plastic production. Where possible, e-vehicles are driven and the lighting has been completely converted to LED. The manufacturer demonstrates this annually through certification of the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental standard and has done so since 2013. Climate aspects run through the entire supply chain: this is why the traditional Black Forest company uses GLS climate-neutral shipping for logistics. “This holistic aspect is more than well received by our customers and partners, who can rest assured that our products deliver what they promise and that the customer is offered a consistently environmentally friendly and green product,” Rigoni sums up.

Sustainable promotional products are more than just a trend.
“Even if climate change and co. have made people more aware of the green idea again and it is present in the media, green products are more than just a snapshot for us,” says Adrian Rigoni, third-generation sales manager of the company, describing the intention to continue integrating climate aspects into product development.
For even with the products themselves, care is taken wherever possible to ensure that ecological materials are the basis for the manufacture of organic products. The long-established company demonstrates this, for example, with the articles from the “Werben & Wachsen” series through the organic certification achieved in 2018. The diverse, designable packaging also undergoes this check; for example, the seed bags sold by the millions could be made from grass paper, a paper produced from renewable raw material, namely green grass.
In the future, Heri- Rigoni will continue to follow this path and thus offer its customers and partners the opportunity to leave a good ecological footprint in the long term with genuine joint sustainability activities, which will put the achievement of the general climate goals on a solid foundation.