Date: 16-9-2019 15:00:56

A workshop for people with disabilities uses craftsmanship to produce fireplace lighters exclusively for Heri Rigoni and the emotion factory. Wrapped paper is coated and poured with wax to be a lasting lighter for the winter fireplace or the tiled stove. Three pieces are delivered in a bag with an individually designable advertiser! “This project has been particularly close to the heart of my wife and myself for years,”; says Managing Director Armin Rigoni. So far, the couple has given away the lighters themselves and made little pleasures around Christmas time. But why not enlarge this heart project a little and do good with it? No sooner said than done! This is how the new product “Christmas Bag Lighter” was created, which fires up the fireplace with natural materials and at the same time does good. It'll warm your heart! Support the workshop for disabled people and advertise sustainably at the same time!