Date: 28-7-2021 14:40:26

Looks like a candy, smells as delicious as a sweet candy – but is soap. A beguiling scent blows to you as soon as you hold the lovingly wrapped and handmade candy soap pieces of the emotion factory in your hand. The ubiquitous theme of hand washing is taken up by this handmade product, made in Europe, and is ideal as a corporate gift for Christmas due to the Advent taste in the varieties of vanilla or orange-cinnamon. In addition, the mild soap enriched with argan oil is available in the varieties lavender, lemon, mint, olive or other flavors, so that for every other occasion, the soap is suitable as a new promotional product and hand hygiene becomes a fragrant experience. It is either either wrapped in rustic-looking kraft paper in the “Homemade collection” or in noble gold paper in the “De Luxe Gold collection”. Closed with a ribbon of bast or gold band, the soap really looks like a candy. A paper band can be printed individually with company logo and advertising text. Starting from a quantity of 250 pcs.