Date: 22.10.2022 20:19:55

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and chocolate and cookie love is doubly so. For years, the production volume of chocolate Santas has been increasing every year. In 2020, for example, 151 million Santas were produced in Germany. Because one thing is clear: when is snacking better than at Christmas time? With the baking mold chocolate set, which the emotion factory is presenting in this year’s Christmas flyer, you can indulge your sweet tooth twice. On the one hand, the creativity and baking desire of the recipient is challenged, as they can create delicious cookies with the high-quality stainless steel baking cups in a Christmas shape, and on the other hand, a little chocolate can be stolen right when unpacking. The set is delivered in an organza bag with attached promotional card, so that you can perfectly individualize the gift for customers at Christmas and as an advertising company can convey its Christmas wishes. This is guaranteed to sweeten the Advent season!