Date: 11-9-2020 11:13:26

Take only your own things in your hand and use nothing from others – this is a realisation of the current Corona crisis. But even in “normal” times, it doesn't hurt in public spaces if you don‘t touch heavily used areas such as ATMs, ticket machines or EC terminals or if you don't share pens with others. The high-quality Stamp & Touch Pen from Heri Rigoni GmbH in Fischbach in the Black Forest is particularly suitable for this purpose. In addition to the tried and tested functions of writing and stamping, the Touch Pen takes on a completely new, current meaning: The stable and high-quality rubber tip is not only suitable for operating the smartphone, but also facilitates cashless payment with PIN and ensures that you no longer have to touch surfaces with your fingers.
As further feature, the stamp writer includes a stamp that is individually adapted to each recipient. For example, when visiting a restaurant, the notification of the contact details can also be noted on the form within seconds without the use of a pen of someone else. ”We are sure that intensified hygiene measures will continue to be a part of our daily lives in the future“, says Managing Director Armin Rigoni, “so we are happy to be able to contribute with our products to reduce the second wave of the disease. Thanks to its innovative surface, the Stamp & Touch Pen can be engraved with a CO2 laser engraving and is therefore also suitable as a promotional product. The new recorder is available in six classic and modern colours, as well as in beautiful printable gift packaging.
A code is attached to the writing instrument. If the holder of the pen visits the website www. stempelservice. com, he/she can insert the desired text of the stamp and will then receive the stamp free of charge and sent worldwide.