Date: 20-3-2021 17:08:24

The Emotion Factory planting jar provides the customer with a true view down to the root thanks to noble transparent container. The high-quality glass with a thick base for stability is supplied with a peat tab as soil and seed varieties such as grasses or flowering plants and thus awakens the recipient's garden love.
The noble Caffeino glass can also be used afterwards for the small coffee pleasure. Matching to Mother's Day, this optical highlight is delivered with seeds of forget-me-nots or cheerful sunflowers. The product is packed in a paper band – suitable for the festive day for all mums. The planting glass, on the other hand, is supplied in a box with a window for even more advertising space on all four sides. Both products can be printed and personalized in four colours – the perfect combination of an ecologically valuable product and a sustainable promotional product.