Date: 6-10-2021 11:19:56

Whether you have a sweet tooth, are a fan of handicrafts, a hobby baker or a fan of decorations – the Xmas gift set contains a surprise for everyone and the eyes light up almost like the “real” distribution of presents on Christmas eve. With this new idea, the emotion factory from the Black Forest once again demonstrates its flair for lovingly designed and unique promotional products for special occasions. Always a role plays the interactive thought, with which one obtains a long-term advertising effect and finds at the same time the way from the office of the customer into its home and remains so present in the memory.
In the gift box, made of certified recycled material, there are four different, high-quality little things that can be combined in four variants. The recipients can prove their green thumb with the small clay pot with peat tab and spruce seeds, so that in a few years their own Christmas tree will grow up. In addition, there are other advent fillings, such as a chocolate Santa Claus, stainless steel baking-shapes in Christmas shapes, a jar of orange jam or Nutella and the figure made of wood and felt.
The square box made of cardboard is printed in a christmassy style and can be customized with a promotional sticker on the outside or inside, creating a very individual gift at the end of the year, with which you definitely stand out positively from the usual Christmas greetings.