Date: 17.07.2022 20:47:33

Wood, plants and a high-quality branded pen – emotion factory’s successful, renewable promotional product “Pflanz-Holz mit Kugelschreiber” combines three features in one product. The promotional product is equipped with a substrate tablet and spruce seeds. So the presentee may try himself as a gardener and enjoy over a long period not only a small fir tree, but also the individual printed on the wood advertising greeting or company logo.
The plant wood is produced from sustainable raw materials in Europe and offers a real added value in addition to the green advertising idea. The supplied high-quality writing instrument of the brand Schneider is available with the option of individual embossing and fits perfectly into the planting wood through pre-milled holes, which is thus also a pen holder. – Long-lasting advertising impact with added value is thus guaranteed! The product and the corresponding outer packaging can be printed individually. Get started with quantities as low as 250 pieces!