Date: 21-12-2018 17:13:36

The treat bag crackles, the dog ears are pointed – the anticipation of a delicious snack can be seen in the eyes of the four-legged friends. What could be closer than taking advantage of the satisfaction of one's dearest companion for the next promotion? With the new products around the faithful companion of the human, the emotion factory from Fischbach in the Black Forest has come true “on the dog” and thus enables the development of a whole new target group in the promotional product market.
Filled with high-quality and healthy dog ​​treats from the Bavarian manufacturer Happy Dog in the lightweight packaging variants “treat-bag” and “treat-pack”, the two products offer themselves for the next mailing campaign or as give-away. There is space for the creative, individual promotional message either on the whole package or on the cardboard hangtag. Whether veterinarian, dog hairdresser, animal healer, communities or the pet shop – with the creatively packed fitness snacks in bone form, the advertising company finds via the beloved dog the way in the memory of the owner.