Date: 9-3-2020 15:35:49

Dear customer,

Since mid-2019, Tiflo, as a supplier of custom made watches and elastic belts, has been affiliated with Promidata.

The entire watch collection for 2020 can now be selected for your webshop.

What can I expect?
– A wide range of watches for every target group
– Good quality products
– Sharp prices
– Fast and flexible
– Customer-oriented customization

What do I find in the collection?
– Silicone watches
– Men's & Women's models
– High-end Chronos
– Watch Sets
– 25 pcs corner for the lower numbers
– Hybrid watches
– Nurse Watches
– Elastic straps

Tiflo can actually complete almost every request in the field of watches.

In short: Tiflo is the specialist in the field of watches.

We Provide Time!

For more information please contact us!

Kind regards,

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