Date: 6-10-2021 11:23:40

We are the first to launch a series of Tech products that are partially made from recycled materials! Through the RCS (recycled claim standard), the recycled part(s) of these products can be verified.
What is it?
RCS is the standard used when part of a product, but not the entire product has been made from recycled materials.
What is the purpose?
RCS aims to increase the use of recycled materials in products. Through transactional documents between all parties involved in the production process, materials are traceable, from recycler to end product.
Why certification?
The documentation gives you and your customer proof: What was used in the product and where did it come from.
Who is behind it?
RCS is the standard, set by Global Union (known from GRS). An independent, appointed third party without any ties to the producer or production of the goods ensures authentic and impartial verification.
Documents are or will be available for these products on the respective product pages in our webshop