Date: 28.07.2022 22:03:39

The classic twist ballpoint pens of the CLASSIC series with proven stamp function and the Stamp&Touch 3-in-1 Pen shine in new splendour. The latest highlight of the shapely, colourful products is a new surface with silver effect, in which the surface is laser-etched and the individual engraving shines in silver underneath. With the functions writing and a stamp with up to 4 lines, heri, market leader in stamp writing instruments Made in Germany, combines two practical functions in one single high-quality writing instrument. With the Stamp&Touch 3-in-1 Pen this is supplemented by a touch function for smartphones and tablets. The stamp is individually adapted to each recipient. A code is attached to the writing instrument. The user of the writing instrument orders his individual stamp plate at, free of charge and worldwide.