Date: 6-8-2021 19:21:20

– Strengthen your health
– Healthy lifestyle
– Vegan superfoods of Germany
A healthy lifestyle, detox and so-called superfoods are currently in everyone’s mind. Healthy eating is more important and present than ever. This trend is met by the Microgreens Garden, which combines the own production of fast-growing edible seedlings with the possibility of a green, healthy advertising message. If you couldn’t have grown your own vegetables and eat fresh vitamins yourself in the past, this is now possible with the planted bowl of bamboo paper. The garden is supplied with a peat tab and a seed bag. The selection can be made of four edible seeds in the varieties rocket, radish, China roses, and cress. The seeds in organic quality germinate on the peat tab until the plants are grown to an altitude of approx. 10 centimetres and can be harvested. Fresh on bread or to refine salads, to decorate soups and much more. The individually printed paper band made of grass paper perfectly conveys the advertising message and positively strengthens the sustainable and environmentally conscious perception of the company by the customer.