Date: 24-6-2021 21:49:44

The way to a one's heart is through his stomach. This is also true for house tigers – and once you have won the cat's heart, its owner is also enthusiastic: a faithful look out of button eyes, a purr and a treat is already wandering into the cat's snout. With the love of pet owners for their cat, the emotion factory is now opening up a completely new target group in the advertising industry, such as veterinarians, cat breeders or pet shops. The product range extends from cat treats in organza bags or treat packs to baking-shapes, in thematically matching cat and mouse shapes, and cat grass in a decorative tin box. After the introduction of products for dogs two years ago, the cat is now the focus of the advertising industry. “The success of the dog products shows that the customer group of animal lovers is definitely exciting for the advertising market”, Sales Manager Adrian Rigoni sums up, “as with all promotional products, the emotion factory pays attention to sustainable production and healthy ingredients for the four-legged friend.”