Date: 7-8-2020 10:03:24

Especially in this busy year, the small relaxing moments in the domestic bathtub are especially necessary – a moment of vacation after stressful times. The Christmas scent of vanilla or cinnamon-orange ensures a sense of well-being, even before the Migon-bathtab, the latest product of the emotion factory from Fischbach, is dissolved in warm bathtub water. The handmade, fragrant bath additive ensures a sense of well-being for the customer in the cold season and is ideal as a company gift at the end of the year due to its Advent taste. In addition, the 40g light product is also available in the varieties lavender, lemon, mint, olive, and many more, so that it is also suitable for any other occasion as an promotional product with feel-good factor. The tab is either wrapped in rustic-looking kraft paper in the “Homemade collection” or in noble gold paper in the “De Luxe Gold collection” and is closed with a ribbon. A paper band can be printed individually with the company logo and advertising text. Available from a quantity of 250 pcs.