Date: 17-3-2020 9:13:38

We all have to help each other in this difficult period, which is why we will launch some good ideas.

We can continue to produce these products, and by the time they are ready, they can be transported.

Idea: Running socks with zip and / or pockets, nice for all sports events that will undoubtedly take place again.

Of course, we wish everyone strength and health during this period.

From 500 pairs Custom-Made

Who's not running into the problem? While running, you have no place for your (house) key, money or other small items, the problem is now solved! We offer Custom made running socks with a pocket or a zip!

Ideal to put small items in, so you will never lose them again.

Our running socks are seamless, comfortable, anti-irritation and offer ventilation on the instep.

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