Date: 4-2-2021 16:12:31

In millions of households, the PowerCube has become an indispensable product.

We proudly present you our newest product, which supports wireless charging.

With the PowerCube Extended Wireless Charger A+C with 1.5 meter cable, you can now charge your phone easily by placing it on the charging pad. This multi functional PowerCube can not only charge your phone wireless, but also has the option to use 2 USB-ports (A+C) simultaneously.

Place the PowerCube on the accompanying and patented docking station which ensures powerful branding. The sticky pads can be removed without leaving any scratches or glue residue.

– No more overlap of cables and adapters because of the compact cube shape
– All 3 plugs are secured with child safety
– Trendy and functional Dutch Design: suitable for every desk or table
– Integrated 2-sided USB charger (A+C) for charging tablets and smartphones
– Delivered with docking station, sticky pads and cable fix
– Suitable for grounded-and ungrounded plugs
– Full color print on the USB side possible