Date: 8-5-2019 14:42:49

…. Bees are humming around. For a long time now, the busy collecting of honey and the sums of bees in our gardens and fields have been decreasing and the well-known children's song has been forgotten. Caused by monocultures and cultivated plants, the small pollinators hardly find any food. The customer can now counteract this with the emotion factory's „bee-aid stick”.
On a wooden stick, laser engraved with space for the logo, nectar-rich seeds are attached with wax. If you insert the stick into the earth, flowers will grow out of it, which will help to prevent the death of bees. Together with the advertising effect for your company, the customer does something good for the environment. The stick is inserted into an individually designable card and can thus be used as a name tag, advertising poster or mailing companion. It starts already from 500 pieces.