Date: 16.12.2021 15:34:26

The negotiations are in the bag. The contract is ready to be signed. What could be more satisfying than signing the document with an elegant fountain pen and immediately adding your own stamp?
This is what the newly introduced Promesa Stamp&Touch 3in1 offers, which combines a fountain pen, the proven precision stamping technology of Heri Rigoni GmbH from Fischbach in the Black Forest, and a touch function for tablets.
This high-quality writing instrument, designed and produced in Fischbach, is available in two versions: once as a fountain pen with standard cartridges and additionally as a rollerball with a 0.7 mm TC ball. In the case of the rollerball technology, the focus for Heri is once again on environmental considerations; in this case, the user can simply replace the empty ink cartridge and the writing technology remains intact. “This reduces waste and is even more cost-effective at the same time,” sums up Armin Rigoni, Managing Director of Heri Rigoni GmbH. The cartridge roller system patented by Schmidt Technology and the fountain pen system are of course “Made in Germany”.
The stamp is individually adapted to each recipient. A code is attached to the pen. If the owner of the pen visits the website, he can enter the desired text of the stamp there and will then receive the stamp free of charge and worldwide. The Promesa Stamp&Touch 3 in 1 can be ordered in quantities as low as one.