Datum: 6-10-2021 10:22:05

When the days become shorter again, the nights darker and the first cold winter messengers announce themselves, not only the children can hardly wait until Santa Claus is standing in front of the door. Hardly a time is suitable better around the customer once to say thank you. The emotion factory from the Black Forest offers advertising messengers with a difference, transforming classic winter products into an exciting advertising medium.
Glitter and Bling Bling bring the Black Forest advertising medium enterprise with the ornament fir tree consisting of gilded brass into the next customer letter. By simply twisting it, a three-dimensional fir tree is created, which sends out sparkling color reflections while hanging on the thread. For mailing, it lies flat in the Christmas card or in the advertising bag with insert, which can be completely customized and is thus suitable for Christmas print mailing. Starting at just 250 pieces!