Date: 17-2-2021 15:49:11

You can make and serve ice cubes easily and hygienically with the IceBreaker POP. No more having to touch ice cubes but directly serving them to your drink. The concept is very simple: fill, freeze and pull. The ice is separated by pulling the two levers. The cubes are cooled up to 3 hours within the IceBreaker. Ready to go!

– Hygienic: make and serve ice cubes without having to touch them
– Easy to use: fill, freeze, pull
– Waterproof: no melt water leaking
– Limited melting: cubes cooled for up to 3 hours due to the thermo effect
– Environmentally friendly: eliminates the need for disposable bags
– Free from BPA: the IceBreaker is only made out of certified material
– Dishwasher: disassemble it and clean in the dishwasher

This product can also be provided with a logo or company name, please contact us for the possibilities.