Date: 7-6-2021 12:47:34

Here’s to new workplaces
Offices were yesterday, today we do Remote Work. In the countryside, in the middle of the city or when travelling, we open our laptops, work and do conferences digitally. To broaden our horizons, we simply let our eyes wander. And see: All types of weather can be really inspiring; not just FARE weather.

Protected rain or shine
Whether you are working outside, fishing by the lake or having a picnic in the woods – our 6139 | Travel mate Camper beach parasol is your practical companion. The canopy and two-part lower shaft can be assembled quickly and easily wherever you are. Then just insert the tip in the ground, stretch out the canopy, and you have a practical provider of shade with a sun protection factor of SPF50+. And if the dark clouds suddenly roll in, the large regular umbrella offers protection against the rain. Travel mate Camper comes in 7 colours, and now also in dark green as a brand new addition. Perfect for hunters and anglers.