Date: 13-5-2021 17:14:15

Durable, natural materials which can be designed creatively – these are just a few outstanding arguments for emotion factory’s plant woods, which are available in different sizes, layouts and wrappings in the meantime.

Sales Manager Adrian Rigoni states: “Sustainable advertising has become an integral part of the advertising media industry; this is why the plant woods fit into this sector perfectly.”

The creative minds behind have paid attention to the fact that sustainability is on it, but above all is also inside the plant wood. They are made of European woods, which are PEFC certified. In order to prevent leaking of the water-soil-mix, the plant woods are sealed with a special, certified and biodegradable wax inside. The printed banderole is also marked “green” and is sealed with a recycling-friendly, transparent sticker. In order to prevent early germination of the delivered seed, it is packed in a germ protection bag. Only German and European seeds are used, also in organic quality if desired. Also included is a peat tab as soil. In order to guarantee the growth of the seeds, a planting instruction in the respective national language can be printed on each paper band.

All plant woods can be designed individually and the paper band is printable.

No matter if square or round, as a single or double version, with a pen holder or magnet – the plant woods with the printed advertising message remain in the recipient's memory for a long time and also promote the interactive aspect.

And: Sustainability is on it and in it