Date: 24-4-2019 16:27:34

With the two current winners, a FARE® product was awarded for the eleventh time by a top-class jury of 40 experts.

The ultralight mini pocket umbrella FiligRain Only95 is a small and light technical miracle. Weighing only 95g (without case) and approx. 20.3 cm long, it fits into the inside pocket of a men’s jacket as well as into a common women’s handbag. Nevertheless, it is extremely flexible and windproof, which makes it the perfect companion in all weather conditions, providing reliable protection from the sun or a surprising shower.

The AC-Alu guest umbrella FARE®-Precious, on the other hand, is a real gem for trend-conscious lovers of modern design. It combines a cover of rich black or brilliant white with a matt aluminium pole. Further stylish and high-quality elements in gold or copper colours round off the sophisticated and elegant design in all its details.

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