Date: 22.09.2022 09:08:22

You want copied data copied to your USB sticks? You don’t want to unpack each stick individually and invest a lot of time to copy all data carriers?

The company HIKITEC GmbH copies your data on USB sticks up to several thousand pieces. By our professional equipment an exact duplication takes place according to your master stick (100% Verified). No matter if PDF, pictures or software, the copies correspond to 100% of the original by the subsequent bitwise verification process of every single copy.

The subsequent bitwise verification processes ensure the content comparison of master stick and target stick. Faulty USB sticks and faulty data transfers are detected and sorted out and verified by our staff. Defective, sorted out data media are packed separately. (Alternatively, you can order pre-recorded USB sticks from HIKITEC. This simplifies your logistics and you receive 100% checked goods and do not pay for failures).