Date: 14-9-2020 12:10:38

Meet the newest ice cube maker: ICEBREAKER POP

The ICEBREAKER POP is a unique way to make ice cubes.
The ICEBREAKER POP is so special because of its simplicity. You just have to pull the two levers on the sides apart to separate the ice inside.

The ICEBREAKER® POP is completely hygienic by means of the new way of serving ice cubes hands-free, without touching the ice. The closed design prevents undesirable odors and bacteria from mixing with the ice cubes.

Easy to use
ICEBREAKER® POP is easy to use. Fill the ICEBREAKER with water like you would fill a bottle, let the freezer do its work and POP! This way you can enjoy cold drinks in no time.

ICEBREAKER® POP is 100% waterproof and spill resistant. The closed design prevents water from leaking into your freezer and melting water from leaking onto your table or picnic basket, for example.

Save space in the freezer
ICEBREAKER® POP is designed to be stacked or placed in any position in your freezer. Compared to the ice cube mold you are using now, you can optimally use the space in your freezer.

Limited melting
Due to the thermo effect created by the closed design, the ice cubes melt more slowly than normal. Even after several hours in room temperature. It is also easy to separate and pour melt water from the ice cubes.

Environmentally friendly
ICEBREAKER® POP can be used thousands of times, helping to reduce plastic waste. Compared to disposable ice cream bags, this makes it the sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Free from BPA
ICEBREAKER® POP is only made of certified and tested material and therefore completely free from BPA.

Suitable for the dishwasher
The ICEBREAKER® POP is suitable for washing in the dishwasher. All you have to do is take it apart and place it in the dishwasher.

No melt water
The ICEBREAKER® POP is specially designed to separate melt water and ice. All you have to do is seal the top half of the POP and pour off the melt water. Doing this will keep the ice dry and drastically reduce melting time.

The handles of the Icebreaker POP can be printed with UV / digital print