Date: 29-6-2018 17:24:14

You probably recognise this situation: a visitor asks if they can charge their smartphone or tablet and you do not have the right cable because your device has a different type of connector.

The Power USB cable is the perfect solution for this!

1 cable for all your devices

All you need is only 1 Power USB cable to charge all devices with USB Type-C, Apple® Lightning and Micro-USB connection.

Freedom of movement

The 1.5-meter cable gives you enough space to use your mobile device while it is charging.

No “cable spaghetti”

Due to the flat design, the cable will become tangled less quickly.


In addition to charging devices, you can also transfer data quickly. For example, you can connect a device to your computer and transfer files or synchronise music.

Of course they already exist, charging cables with multiple connections, but they often have ….

– An additional cable for each connector, resulting in a cable spaghetti;

– cable(-s) of 10-20 cm. length only, which (when charging) actually block you in your freedom of movement.

– cable(-s) with loose plugs and therefore the ones you do not use often yourself, can not be found in these moments;

– connectors which can not be unplugged from the cable(-s), causing the wires to tangle and the other connectors may scratch the screen.

With the Power USB Cable, all of these problems are behind you!