Datum: 13-5-2019 10:17:04

New target group: mourning products of the emotion factory
Many growing products offer themselves as a small message in difficult times. Promotional products to say Thank you of grief-accompanying enterprises as for example hospices, undertakers as well as the industry of the funeral equipment say sometimes more than many words. Flowers are not only optically beautiful, but also soul comforter in heavy times. People like to remember the deceased with positive and colourful green. This completely new target group opens up the Emotion Factory from Fischbach in the Black Forest with its “flower card mourning”; and “butterfly mourning”;, which offers itself as a small gift with advertising message for example of the funeral director, flower shop or other enterprises within the range mourning accomplishment.
One goes, the other grows.
The flat packed seeds grow as soon as they are sprinkled into soil that is rich in humus and nutrients. This mourning greeting is packed into an individually designable card that offers space for a company slogan and message. The butterfly as a sign of confidence is put together from wood and felt and results in a beautiful 3D look. Individual text can be printed on the wood. The butterfly is delivered with a card on which is also space for individual text and logo of the company for mourning support. Seed letters, flower cards and seed bags with different seed varieties of choice are also suitable as ambassadors for the accompanying company. Discover the entire range at www.emotion-factory. com.