Date: 6-10-2021 11:21:36

Our birdies are hungry
Especially in the cold season, but also increasingly due to monocultures and due to this reduced number of insects, which usually also serve as a food supplier for native wild birds, our regional birdies need help in finding food. In this way, declining biodiversity can be protected from reduction or even extinction. Nutritious bushes with berries, acorns or nuts are becoming increasingly rare, so that birds can no longer feed themselves and can feed themselves a reserve for the harsh winter months.
However, there is a remedy: The birdseeds to-go of the emotion factory from the Black Forest offers a real treat for local wild birds, which with the help of a special clous immediately provides “ready to serve” grains. The small house is completely made of cardboard with two separate chambers. The food is stored in the back area of the cottage.
By taking off the feed flap on the front, the feed falls down and acts as a small feed trough. This food paradise can be set up at once or hung on a loop in a shrub or tree.
The high-quality, Ambrosia controlled sprinkle food contains valuable seeds and cereals. Space for the customizable advertising message can be found on an individually printable paper sticker on the feed flap or on an advertising card on the roof of the house.
“For this product, too, it is important to us that species and environmental protection are the focus and that they are implemented holistically”, says Adrian Rigoni, Head of Sales of the promotional product manufacturer. “It is ensured that, in addition to the climate-neutral packaging made of cardboard, the printing ink is also guaranteed to be safe for birds. So an all-round ecologically valuable gift with sustainable benefits!” The newly developed product combines the possibility to improve the company’s environmental footprint of the advertising company and at the same time to give real pleasure to the customers.
Image: The bird food to-go of the emotion factory provides the basis of life for feathered friends. Image emotion factory.