A&R Textile Group
Oosteindseweg 80
2661 EE Bergschenhoek

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A&R Textile Group is the manufacturer and wholesale company if you are looking for real good quality towels and bathrobes. All products made in Turkey according OëkoTex – BSCI rulings.
No child labour.
We supply all our products from our warehouse in the Rotterdam Area in Holland.
Shipment within 24 hours by DPD which brings the goods to you within 48 hours.
We do 21 colors of Towels – Bathrobes – Waffle Bathrobes – Baby Bathrobes – Children Bathrobes – Organic Towels – DeLuxe 700 gsm Towels – Baby products like Babybibs – Baby Hooded Towels –
Hamam Towels – SUBLI-Me sublimation towels – PRINT-Me printable towels – and many more.
Use us, and you r customers will be happy about our quality.

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