Date: 13-8-2018 14:26:09

Your relations who are looking for cans with a message can also contact you from 8th of August.
Place our offer on your website and enjoy the exclusive possibilities that offers.

How it works?
Your customers have an idea, but do not exactly know the possibilities to provide a look with their own logo and / or complete printing. Tailor-made cans are also possible with us. Consult with us about the possibilities quickly. We work with you on the basis of trust.

Our promise.
Your customer remains your customer!
Also in the case of a possible direct order from your customer, we will reimburse the commission out of respect for you as our valued relationship.
Your promotional message packed in Tin.

Five good success factors of promo-looks.
1. High attention value
2. Can be personalized from 24 pieces
3. Content can be tailored to your needs. From T-shirts to mint
4. Tins can remain visible and in use for a long time
5. Tin is sustainable