Date: 26-6-2018 17:31:18

The PowerCube Rewirable DUO-USB is a convenient and stylishly designed Travel Plug with 4 built-in sockets and two USB chargers.

With this Dutch Design your customer always has 4 extra outlets within reach.

The strong USB chargers offer the possibility to charge mobile phones, tablets, cameras etc. easily and quickly. Devices are charged many times faster via the PowerCube than via a PC or laptop.

A standard IEC cable (power cable for computer, printer, monitor, scanner, etc.) can be plugged into the back of the PowerCube. This means that the PowerCube Rewirable DUO-USB can also be used as an extension cable throughout the year.

Because of the compact cube shape, plugs and even adapters can no longer overlap. The ideal of this travel buddy is that it can be used in combination with the supplied TravelPlugs. This way you can use the PowerCube anywhere in the world. Ideal as a travel plug wherever you go and at the same time throughout the year.

This unique product solves all shortcomings of travel plugs!