Promidata | Update 2.12

– General
– Change in the base architecture of Promotional Office to x86 version to maintain
compatibility with other programs like Microsoft Office.
– Change in the base architecture of Promotional Office to .NET version 4.52 resolving speed
and stability issues.
– Change in the base architecture of Promotional Office to the latest Devexpress version.
– Changes in a screen layout can now be reset individually per screen
– Changes in a screen layout which are no longer compatible due to development, will not be
loaded to prevent error messages.
– The auto-add function (e.g. for carriage and origination) will no longer activate on Cost
Products, only on normal products.
– It is now possible to have multiple number ranges for your documents

– Product General Data
– On the buying Price-Breaks a Mark Up will only be displayed if there is a Selling
Price-Break with the same quantity
– For each Colour/Size combination URL’s can now be saved. To be used during printing to
display extra image’s or links.
– The Buying Price in the Suppliers currency has been added as a column to the Product
– The function “Change Prices” has now been updated with additional functionality.

– Quote and Sales Order
– The Quote to Sales Order converter has been optimised to remove unnecessary steps.
– There is now an Order Administrator field which can be re-assigned (defaulting to Customer
– The new Order Administrator is also viewable as a column in the Quote/Sales Order Overviews.
– The new Order Administrator is also usable to set actions against.
– URL’s can now be saved per Quote/Sales Order
– The Customer Notes and Alerts were displayed as an editable field, this has now been

– Invoice
– Within the Invoice Detail screen it is now possible to see and change the Payment Terms.
– Issue when an invoice that could not be printed with 100% discount has been resolved
– Issue when trying to create a Credit Note for a Sales Order after a Branding Method was
removed has been resolved

– Printing
– Exporting as a RTF should now correctly display the watermark/background image

– Statistics
– Within the Stock Value Statistics the buying price per unit will now be used if there is no
Fixed Stock Value entered
– Within the Sales Dashboard the formatting of values has been corrected.
– An issue using the wrong dates within the statistic graphs has been resolved.

– Customer General Data
– Customer search speed has been optimised
– The Special Customer Pricing overview now has columns for the Product Name and Product

– Web service
– Adjusted the documentation for the Info Service in such a way that the WSDL now also
displays descriptions
– The possibility to add URL’s to a product, quote/order has been added to the web service
– An issue whereby the import source of a product could not be adjusted has been resolved.
– Purchase Orders can now be accessed over the web service

Usability Enhancements
– Branding Methods can now be copied to the same or another product within the Quote or Sales
– Converting Quote to Sales Order
– Quote Actions will now close automatically when converting to Sales Order
– Order Category can be selected when converting
– Check if customer as been deleted or inactive
– Prices can be checked. And changed automatically when quantity is adjusted.
– A warning will appear when trying to handle a Sales Order that is opened by someone else.
– A setting has been added so the Logo Detail screen can be skipped when a Branding Method is set
to “Do not show Logo Details”: one less popup
– It is now possible to see the related Sales Orders from a Quotation
– Empty Addresses are now more easily identified with a warning.
– WIN + F2 dialog upgraded with multiple new functions:
– Internal Mail now has the Customer Number and Customer Name as a subject
– Customer Notes are now displayed
– Completed Customer Actions can be accessed from here
– Customer Details can now be accessed from here
– Address Line 2, Address Line 3 and Address Type are now shown
– Unit of measurement will now be copied over when copying a product
– Alerts against a product will now also be shown when the products are added using the Product
– The following Countries have been added to the Country List: Jersey, Guernsey and
St. Kitts & Nevis
– Buying price breaks can now also be printed on the Quote List Template and Order List Template.

Changes for Invoices and Accounting
– Invoices and Credit Notes are now shown in 1 overview
– Export Model for Credit Notes is available. (Please contact the Support Desk to receive an
export format.)
– The date of payment will now be the set as date of last payment after import
– Improvements and adjustment with the connection to Twinfield
– Credit Notes be created for paid invoices
– Pre Payment Invoices no longer show costs. In line with business practice for this category of

– The stats for “Invoice Position Statistic” can be filtered per Order Category and Product Group
– The stats for “Product Sales Amount” can be filtered on Order Category, Customer Feature and
Product Group

Special Adjustments
– The Column “Country” has been added to the Quote Overview and the Sales Order Overview
– The Column “Last Change” has been added to the Sales Order Overview
– The Column “Delivery Date” has been added to the dialog screen “Reserve from incoming stock”
– The function “Fast Processing” has a setting to always/never/ask for creating an Invoice.
– The Column “Invoiced” has been added to the Delivery Note Overview
– New Filters for the Invoice Overview: Open / Closed / Credit / All excl. Credit / All incl.
– Quote List and Sales Order List template models have access to Quote and Order Actions
– Production Planning Overview can be filtered by and searched using the Self defined Fields
– Special Customer Prices can be exported

Web service changes
– Web service is expanded with search and amending functionality based on Unique Identifier
– Quote and Order importing web service now overwrites the customers Payment Terms within
– Web shop Exporter is now also available as a (simple) Push Service.

– Import function for Contact Names.
– Product importer has been expanded with the following fields:
— Additional Information 1 … 30
— Country of Origin (ISO)
— Duty No.
— Discount Possible
— Inner Box Packaging Units
— Outer Box Packaging Units

Please call the Promotional Office helpdesk, they will be able to provide you with a new excel
file with the additional headers.
And of course call the helpdesk if you need any of the above functions explained and if they apply
to your business.

Usability Improvements
– Note/Alert column added to Quote-, Sales Order- and Invoice- Overview
– Create a new Contact Person on every screen where there is an Address displayed
– Pressing the [+] in front of the Quote in the Quotation Overview now opens a simalar
screen as in the Order Overview
– Actions displayed on the DashBoard Task List can now be right-clicked for quick access
– Multiple Quotations can now be closed at the same time
– When there is only one Template to chose from, the Template selection screen will not
be shown.
– In Customer- and Supplier-Detail the Addresses in can now be changed without having to
press “Change”
– QuantityPrice Break dialog within Quotation Detail now also displays “Marging in £”,
“Margin in %”,”Selling Price in Customer Currency”
– Invoice Template can now print the Invoice Creator (before this was only the Account
– Address Details have been adjusted so that the field name is now in front of the
relavant field.
– Per Address (Mail, Delivery, Invoice) a contact person can now be set as default by use
of a dropdwon menu.
– The column “Creator” is now available in the Quote, Sales Order, CreditNote and Invoice
– The Packlist Dialog will no longer be displayed when it is for a Sales Order without
StockProducts/Send Directly and no manual adjustments are needed.
– The Invoice Overview now has a column “Customer Number”
– New Settings created, to cut down on the number of popups:
– Print/Send Purchase Order? Yes/No/Ask
– Print/Send ProForma Delivery? Yes/No/Ask
– Print/Send Delivery Note? (after PackingList) Yes/No/Ask
– Print/Send Delivery Note? (normal) Yes/No/Ask

Special Adjustments:
– “Minimum Order Quantity” can now be set per product
– New Overview for Packing Lists.
– New Template Model: “Stock Receipt”
– “Due date” amended for closed and paid Invoices.
– Save Temporary Product as actual product
– New user right: Limiting the use of CTRL+C on Overview screens
– New user right: Limiting the SUM-funcion on Overviews

CSV ProductImporter
– Product active (Yes/No)
– Stock Product (Yes/No)
– Minimum Order Quantity (Quantity)

– New Method in InfoService “SearchSupplier”
– New Method in InfoService “GetProductConfiguration”
– Expanded Method, Suppliers can now be updated by Supplier No. or Suppler Identifier

– Selling Prices are now displayed in Customer Currency
– Removed “Alternative Supplier” dialog, now going straight through to the Supplier Overview
– Invoice Overview now displaying Payment Terms
– When changing the “Send Directly” for one line on a Quote/Order, the question comes up “Do you
wish to apply this to all lines from the same supplier”
– Product of the week will now display quantity price breaks
– Several optimisations with regards to different currencies
– Removed error when trying to delete the description of a Product Group for one particular
– Web service amended to support the lookup of a Customer based on email address or postcode
– Web service amended to allow access to the Order Status, Tracking Number and Weight.
– Curacao was added to the Country List
– Filter Industry Type in Customer Overview now reactivated
– Product Groups are now displayed in the Product Overview Report

– Phonenumber column now selectable from “Column Chooser” within Quote- and Order Overview.
– MarkUp is now displayed as 1.00, no longer as 100.
– Missing countries added (Cayman Islands, South-Sudan, Bahama´s, Jamaica en Sao TOme)
– For the “Product of the week”, it is now possible to select from the entire product list.
– Search on “Own Product number” and “Suppler Product Number” in Quote- and Order Overview
– Mailing multiple invoices. Per email address only one email will be opend with multiple invoices
– Amends for Twinfield Connection
– Statistic Product Sales Amount has been changed.
– The creator of the Invoice column now selectable from “Column Chooser” within Invoice Overview.
– Additional function in Invoice Overview: Show all customers for these Invoices

– Adding a Branding Method to a copied product no longer produces an error (Ticket 11851)
– Using the PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR, TAB can now be used again to enter additional Quantity-Price
Breaks (Ticket 11837)
– Issue resolved with Webservice (Ticket 11887)
– Product Overview specific calculation solved (Ticket 11870)